A Pop-Up Multi-Sensorial Gummy Bear Museum in San Franciso

Are you a candy lover? Even if you’re not, you might want to hit up The Gummy Bear Museum landing in San Francisco this summer. The pop-up museum will offer a multi-sensorial art experience for visitors to check out gummy bear artwork and playful installations. To top it off, you’ll get to eat gummy bears and create your own flavor if you so desire. Fresh off of the success of the floating Museum of Ice Cream, comes this temporary gallery where visitors will get to fulfill all of their gummy bear dreams.

To top it off, they’re partnering with non-profit Meds Food for Kids to help raise money for 170,000 Plumpy’Nuts, ready-to-eat bars for Haitian children suffering from malnutrition.

If your sweet tooth has been piqued, head over to their Kickstarter page to donate money to bring The Gummy Bear Museum to life.