Arcade Collection #01 Pushes Artists to Their Limits

Arcade is a collection of unique and limited-edition design objects by artists and designers that have been commissioned by Relay Design Agency in London. For Arcade Collection #01, seen here, you’ll find exclusive works by Attua Aparicio, Robin Grasby, HAHA Studio, Richard Healy, Jochen Holz, and Silo Studio.

Photo: Plastiques Photography/Lewis Ronald

“Arcade performs as a commissioning platform allowing artists and designers to produce work outside of their regular remit. Arcade has a strong focus on experimentation, the only adherence is that all pieces, be they an item of furniture, lighting or an object, must have a perceivable function,” said Neil Walsh, Managing Director at Relay Design Agency.

Photo: Plastiques Photography/Lewis Ronald

The resulting body of works, though created independently, all focus on the surface tensions of material production as an unintentional theme. Both HAHA Studio and Silo Studio, respectively, used oxidized and anodized metal. Richard Healy conceals his lilac metal surfaces by suspending them in cast concrete. While Robin Grasby also explores suspended forms with marble waste cast into a dining table with glass table top. The work of Attua Aparico ceramic works experiment with the introduction of glass, while glassblower Jochen Holz continues his exploration of sculptural lighting – in mirror form.

Photo: Plastiques Photography/Lewis Ronald

Photo: Plastiques Photography/Lewis Ronald

Attua Aparicio, Digit Texture, Large

Attua Aparicio, Digit Texture, Medium

Attua Aparicio, Digit Texture, Small (Dark Blue)

HAHA Studio, Rainbow light (special edition)

Jochen Holz, Mirror

Lekker Architects, Cupboard Love

Richard Healy, Face Vase

Richard Healy, Rebar Floor Lamp

Robin Grasby, Dining Table

Silo Studio, Shelf