B² Architecture Creates Optical Illusion for a Prague Creative Agency

When visitors go into the Prague workplaces of DDB, they’re unwittingly satisfied with an optical impression that forms the imaginative firm’s logo design. As one moves around it ends up being clear that it’s an anamorphic impression that playfully projects color into the workplace area.

As soon as within, the black, white, and blue colors seem natural shapes of color that cheer the interior area up.

The clean white surface areas even more inside draw visitors in where they’ll identify a vibrant wall of upholstered stools, which are organized to appear like their logo design. The wall display is used as a creative solution to store extra seating for when it’s needed. When a group meeting or presentation is happening, employees can easily pop a stool out and have a seat.

Located in the middle of the workplaces is a yellow, semi-circular, arena-like area utilized for conceptualizing. The glass walls keep visibility open while working as a surface area to compose concepts and notes. When required, drapes are readily available for extra personal privacy.

Photos by Alexander Dobrovodsky.