Bower Studios Co-Designs New Pieces with Stærk&Christensen

To mark the fourth installment of their BOWERx collaborative mirror series, Bower Studios enlisted New York-based studio StærkChristensen, led by artist/designer Camilla Stærk and model/photographer Helena Christensen, to co-design two new pieces. The creative duo bring their Danish roots to the designs – a mirror and a screen – taking inspiration from swallow birds commonly found in Denmark where they both grew up. The Svale, which is Danish for ‘swallow’, has a distinctive form, which can be found reflected in the shapes of the pieces.

The Svale Mirror boasts an arch shape with an abstracted swallow form constructed out of blackened walnut at the top. Beneath the swallow’s wings is a grey tinted mirror filling the rest of the mirror’s negative space.

The Svale Screen comprises a room divider and trio of mirrors that form a sculptural partition easily arranged into various formations. The vertical wooden dowels connect to hinged mirrors where the swallow’s form is seen at the top in the negative space.

Photos by Charlie Schuck.