David Trubridge Updates Cloud + Ebb Lighting for the 20s

New Zealand designer David Trubridge is reintroducing his iconic Cloud and Ebb lighting fixtures, both reimagined for today’s environmentally conscious global design community. Plastic components have been replaced with 95% natural materials in addition to new shapes, colors, and sizes to create two distinct families of lighting that adhere to the brand’s ethos.

Cloud’s original design came about years after Trubridge first observed clouds of water vapor that had formed directly over islands. These cloud-shaped fixtures were originally made from thin frosted plastic skins, and became one of the company’s key offerings.

“For a product conceived from the ocean, the idea of using plastics in products was in direct violation of my ethical standards and focus on sustainable materials and design practices,” said Trubridge. “Unfortunately, a bioplastic or resin replacement was not a good alternative due to cost and material properties. We pulled the product from the market and searched for ways to make it more environmentally friendly.”

In late 2019, lead studio designer Marion Courtille came up with the idea to recreate the iconic cloud forms using a thin bamboo plywood. Trubridge’s reinvented Clouds are voluminous, airy, and see-through, just like the originals, with slits that mimic an aperture to reveal the internal color of each fixture.

There are two shapes in the Cloud collection, Large and Small, each made from bamboo plywood. Both sizes are available in the full David Trubridge color range – red, pink, aqua, lime, white, black, orange, blue, natural, and caramel.

The Ebb family of lighting, inspired by organic shapes found in nature, was also constructed of wood and plastic. And like Cloud, Trubridge made the decision to discontinue Ebb until a sustainable solution was found.

“The primary breakthrough with Ebb comes from the use of a new soft, supple Birch plywood sourced from famous Finnish firm Koskisen,” said Trubridge. “Similar to Cloud, the design language is organic in shape and form and utilizes the same slit-like apertures to create a thin outer skin.”

Ebb features a neutral modern aesthetic throughout its family, and is available in a variety of forms – Swell, Bounce, Roll, and Drop – but is only available in a natural veneer finish. The Koskisen Birch Plywood used in the construction of each fixture provides an otherworldly glow when lit. Multiple sizes are available for customers looking for variety.

Like Trubridge’s other lighting fixtures, Cloud and Ebb use the minimal amount of materials to be manufactured and are created with longevity in mind. They also fit the company’s SEED System ethos, and are flat-packed and shipped directly to customers to save weight and space.

The updated versions of the Cloud and Ebb families will be available July 1, 2020. Visit David Trubridge for more information or visit the Design Milk Shop for other lighting solutions!