Domes of Elounda: Timelessness on Crete, Greece

There are plenty of islands in Greece to explore, but one thing Crete has going for it is the ample space to spread out and have private moments. Crete, sitting on the South of the Aegean, is the biggest island in Greece – so much so that even when arriving in the peak of summer season, there are still countless secluded shores for your own frolicking.

The Domes of Elounda, an Autograph Collection hotel was designed in Crete specifically for travelers who want to let their guard down. Because the sprawling property is perched on slopes, the suites, villas, and residences layer vertically and look out onto their own private view.

These perks have said to make the Domes of Elounda a long-time hot spot for royals, movie stars, and sporting heroes who wish for alone time and a chance to enjoy the company of their loved ones.

While the hotel is luxurious, your food options are not limited to five-course meals. There’s Yaosai, which serves modern, Japanese-Peruvian dishes, and Zeen, a Greek restaurant serving the trademark Greek salad, as well as fresh seafoods.

For more casual or quicker options, there’s also a bevy of food trucks at CORE club for burgers, waffles, sandwiches, and mezze platters.

This comes alongside a pop-up space that houses art installations, programming events, and local designer shops, such as Anemi Quality Toys and Neema Resort Wear.

This space was designed with this in mine: to sit with friends and family with hot dogs and souvlaki from the food truck, to watch a performance at the CORE amphitheater while another member goes shopping for presents. It’s a space meant for multi-generational enjoyment.

A series of Greek monsters were on exhibit along with the mythology behind them – that’s the perfect way to describe how CORE functions, too: interpreting local Greek culture in a modern and playful way, and inviting artists to come along for the ride, giving them a space and a platform to showcase their work.

Panorama of CORE and the sea

You could say that CORE was meant to curate an experience of the flavors of local art and design without having to leave your hotel. To take things a step further, as part of the hotel’s haute living program, a serviced club is open 24/7 with food, drinks, and a gym – that is, if swimming in the sea isn’t enough.

Speaking of the sea, the hotel is perched on prime shoreline: it has shallow, natural beaches that make swimming possible and safe. There are also boats for rent if guests want to venture further in order to find private coves to anchor down and swim in, or if they wish to reach the UNESCO heritage site, Spinalonga.

A sunset dinner overlooking Spinalonga

What: Domes of Elounda
Where: Tsifliki, Schisma Elountas 720 53, Greece
How much? Starting from $410
Highlights: Domes of individual villas, suites, and residences stack on top of each other on the Cretian shore just a boat ride from the storied heritage site, Spinalonga.
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