FFWD Arquitectes Renovates a Modest Penthouse in Barcelona

FFWD Arquitectes began with a modest penthouse in Barcelona broken up into small spaces that weren’t much use. After a major renovation, the Habitatge T31 penthouse emerged with open, flexible spaces that can easily transform as the homeowners’ needs change. Another key shift is the easy access to the previously unused terraces that now extend the footprint of the apartment.

Off to the side of the living room is a cozy daybed that becomes a private bedroom when sliding panels close the space off. There’s also a desk on the opposite wall making the space a private office when needed.

To mirror the elevated terrace access, the kitchen and dining areas were raised as well.

A traditional bedroom remains and makes use of every square inch with the help of built-in furniture.

Photos by David Benito Cortázar of FFWD Arquitectes.