Firm Architects Creates the Epitome of a Good Office in Amsterdam

Dutch investment managers Amvest has a new office to call home in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The dramatic exterior of the building was designed by Rietveld Architects with Firm architects creating the equally unique interior. The company required an office design that was a good environment for its employees as well as its users, as work and life continue to become more intertwined. The office needed to be more than just desks and chairs in order to increase productivity, lower absences, and improve employee happiness. The result is a well-designed office that evokes the company’s ethos while being the best possible environment for work.

The open office includes informal meeting areas and spacious workspaces that benefit from the high ceilings and massive windows.

Photo: Firm architects

Recycled wood flooring grounds a casual vignette with digitally opened brass lockers and movable acoustic wardrobes flanking the space.

The building overlooks the water with the harbor facing side resembling a boat’s bridge. Vintage chairs and a coffee station allow visitors to relax in the informal space.

The double-height windows are designed with screens that adjust automatically with the brightness of the sunlight.

The massive elevator doubles as a meeting room and casual viewing station as it travels at a slow pace. The slowness also ensures that employees use the stairs between floors.

The open, Escher-like staircases connect all of the floors and feature easy access to promote usage.


In the 5th floor Skyroom, flexbenches descend from the ceiling to provide extra seating and tables.

Photos by Studio de Nooyer, courtesy of v2com.