Format Fine Goods Launches Its 2019 Collection of Furniture and Lighting

One of NYCxDesign’s Emerging Designer Finalists, Format Find Goods, launched its 2019 collection of furniture and lighting as part of WantedDesign’s Launch Pad. The Arches collection, an exploration in curves, includes a variety of materials in its design.

The lighting pieces, a sconce as well as a chandelier, feature cone-shaped 3D printed porcelain shades and are available in several glaze colors and finishes.

The hallmark of Arches is an upholstered bench constructed from tubes that have been upholstered in a soft wool. There’s also an optional interlocking bolster pillow that’s covered in a contrasting speckled pattern. Choose from a palette of standard wool colors.

The Collins Table is only 8-inches in diameter, but exceptionally functional, particularly in small spaces. The adjustable height lacquered brass top is the perfect size for keeping your drink nearby or displaying your favorite houseplant, and plenty stable thanks to a natural marble base that acts as a counterweight.