KAZA Concrete Releases a Bauhaus-Inspired Tile Collection by Aimee Munro

The latest release from KAZA Concrete is the winning design from last year’s Academy KAZA Tile Design Competition. The winner, Aimee Munro, was given the opportunity to bring her own design to concrete, an age-old material heavily used in Bauhaus architecture. The Sydney-based designer created the versatile Diverge collection with a bold color palette and simple geometry that give nod to the Bauhaus movement. Comprising five tile designs, Diverge can be arranged into any configuration to become three-dimensional wall art.

The five tiles – I-Strike, II-Find, III-Reach, IV-Meet, and V-Dip – can stand on their own or they can be mixed and matched to create a design as simple or as bold as desired. In addition to the choice of patterns, Diverge is available in a variety of concrete pigments for further customization.

Photos by Zsolt Hlinka.