Léa & Nicolas’s Ceramics Get Back to the Basics

Léa Nicolas’s ceramics are all about focusing on what’s essential. Each piece in the collection only contains the parts it absolutely needs, which is evident as soon as you look at each sleek item. The coffee dripper, the lamp, the bowl, the tumbler – all highlight function and the minimally processed red stoneware clay. These are objects designed to be used every day.

Léa  Nicolas's ceramics

Léa  Nicolas's ceramics coffee dripper

Léa  Nicolas's ceramics lamps

Every piece in the collection is handmade one at a time in the Léa Nicolas studio in Montreal, Quebec. The sculptures have unglazed surfaces, some polished, some rough, and some sanded.


Léa  Nicolas's ceramics tea kit

Léa  Nicolas's ceramics teapot