Maria Bruun Debuts Three New Concepts at CHART

Most of Maria Bruun’s designs consist of a series of products or objects, with her three most recent concepts following suit. Bigfoot, Mirror Mirror, and Dependables each explore the boundaries between functional furniture and artistic experimentation through a soft and intuitive approach. Bruun debuted these three collections at Copenhagen’s CHART Design held at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art last month.

“I find it important to develop furniture with aesthetic consideration that contributes with more than just the purely functional aspect. A carefully designed piece of furniture with well-crafted details and a well-selected palette of materials can be perceived as a caring gesture towards the user,” says Maria Bruun.

The expressive table series, Bigfoot, consists of five side tables in solid ash wood and a dining table in solid oak – Bigfoot Micro, Bigfoot Mini, Bigfoot Low plinth, Bigfoot Sidetable, Bigfoot Coffee Table, and Bigfoot Dining Table. The collection is based on simple construction, precise design, and minimal details.

The angled mirror objects in Mirror Mirror reflect a small piece of reality, but in two ways. This series of mirrors are simple and precise, with the steam-bend solid oak frame standing out as the key characteristic of the design. Mirror Mirror is produced by Paustian.

A series of stackable boxes, Dependables are made with solid walnut and beautiful details. The perforated patterns that decorate each side of every box make the collection of solid stacking storage feel light and airy.