Narrow Kitchen Design Ideas

Small kitchens can be frustratingly crammed, especially narrow ones, but there are always a few design solutions that could transform small space into a stylish room. The key to successful narrow kitchen design is functionality. There are a lot of design solutions to make a room beautiful but we have to fit the kitchen with necessities first.

Storage and working surfaces are such necessities that can be installed along both or just one wall. Her you’ll need to measure how much space you can spare for cabinets and whether you can leave the opposite wall free so that you could set up a dining table or a breakfast counter.

Skylight that extends to the wall

When it comes to design, choosing light colors is better if you’re looking to make the kitchen look and feel bigger. But if you want you can install colored cabinets to contrast with the floor, opposite wall, or rest of the furniture.

You can also go for bigger windows if the architecture allows or even install a skylight. What can be more romantic than cooking and dining under the blue sky?

Glazed narrow kitchen

Take advantage of your floor plan too. You can tuck a seating area closer to the window and still have a freestanding cabinet to keep all the tableware or function as a pantry.

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