Ola Studio Designs a Black, Sculptural Residence Flanked by White Homes

Flanked by two white heritage homes, Ross is an all-black residence by Ola Studio that takes on a sculptural appearance. It’s owned by clients who favor a minimalist aesthetic which can be seen at first glance of the black exterior. The house is located in Melbourne, Australia, on a narrow lot that still manages to include a private garden.

The architects paid careful attention to the scale of the single story bungalows on either side and designed Ross with a gabled roof at the same pitch as the others.

The public spaces are housed on the ground level and vastly contrast the all-black exterior. The interior features white walls and polished concrete floors that become the backdrop for their art collection.

The vertical panels of the facade help with the afternoon sun on the top floor.

A private deck runs along the side of the house on the second floor for additional outdoor space that also makes the interior feel larger.

Photos by Derek Swalwell, courtesy of BowerBird.