Pastille Minimalist Tables by Vonnegut Kraft with Natalie Weinberger

Pastille is a minimalist collection of tables designed by Brooklyn-based studio Vonnegut Kraft in collaboration with Natalie Weinberger. The surfaces of the tables originated as cordierite kiln shelves that are commercially manufactured for loading ceramic objects for firing.

Weinberger created a proprietary glaze mix that covers the full surface of each shelf, consisting of a bright glossy red with subtle crackle patterns for the side table, and a contrasting matte black glaze for the coffee table. While these are the default finishes, other options are available as well.

Vonnegut Kraft designed the bases, which were constructed using graphic stretchers that give dimension and optical illusions of moire patterns. As a user moves around the piece, new perspectives will reveal itself, creating unique patterns and asymmetries.