Publik Library Archives Working Creatives’ Inspirations Into Database

Music, podcasts, locations, books, and TV shows are all pieces of inspiration that shape the personal creativity of some of the top working creatives out there. Design studios School, Educated Guess, and research + development set out to discover what it would look like to archive lists of recommended inspiration from creatives they admire and make them easily accessible to the public. The result is Publik Library, a multi-faceted resource that consists of an ongoing digital inspiration library and talk series.

The first part of the two-part resource is “The Stacks,” a public Google Drive filled with digital “Library Cards” for each contributor. Library Cards are interactive pages with images of recommended inspiration and links to where viewers can find each book, film, lecture, location, etc. Each card is easy to “dig through” by clicking on each image.

“The project initially stemmed from a joint interest in sharing and archiving personal creative knowledge through various mediums, like podcasts or books,” explains Andrew Herzog, co-founder of School. “All of us took different, sort-of roundabout, ways to find ourselves working in our respective creative fields. I think because of these circuitous paths, we feel a strong interest in trying to make that pathway a little wider and easier to traverse for the next-gen.”

The Stacks then culminates into “The Book Fair,” a series of virtual talks where Publik Library contributors speak more in-depth about the inspirations shared in their Library Cards. The inaugural book fair featured Archie Lee Coates, Simone Noronha, Sara Raza, and Herzog himself.

Browse the ever-evolving Stacks resource and stay up-to-date with Book Fair programming over on Publik Library’s website.