Step into + Shop Port of Raleigh without Leaving Your Home

We’ve always been a champion for up-and-coming designers, indie brands, and smaller businesses working tirelessly to carve a much-deserved spot for themselves in the design world. It’s pretty incredible seeing what solo and lean teams can do when they have a vision. With the current pandemic stretching past the two-month mark, it puts many of them in jeopardy, especially brick-and-mortar stores across the United States and beyond, which has led us wanting to support them in any way we can. One of our favorites is Port of Raleigh (featured here), a design-focused shop owned and operated by Ana Maria Muñoz in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. Muñoz beautifully curates a ever-evolving collection of modern lifestyle and home goods that aim to elevate daily life, from both established and emerging designers around the globe. If you’re not able to step through their doors in person, you can now virtually visit + shop them in the Design Milk Shop. We welcome Port of Raleigh and hope you have as much fun shopping their modern wares as we do!

Here are some of our favorite products that Port of Raleigh carries:

Cal Bookend, Set of 2 (Available in Steel or Carbon)

TYKHO 3 Bluetooth Speaker and FM Radio (Available in Dark Grey, Duck Blue, Pink, Yellow, Mastic / Light Grey, Kakhi Green, or Taupe Grey)

Raawii Strøm Jug, Small (Available in Blue, Vaporous Grey, Green Gables, or Coral Blush)

Anywhere Vases, Set of 3 (Available in Tan/Mint/Cobalt or White)

Købn Large Towel – Beach/Pool/Bath, Sand

Rainbow Stacking Object/Toy (Available in Small or Large)

Reversible Vase (Available in Green/Blue, Pink/Blue, or Grey/Orange)

Sticky Lemon Backpack, Sprinkles Large (Available in Lemonade Pink + Panache Gold, Cinnamon + Sage Green, or Apricot + Lavender)

Semi Largo Crossbody Bag – Cobalt

Shop the entire Port of Raleigh collection of modern goods right here!