Take Your Acoustics to Another Level with DICE HiFi Storage Modules

We’ve found a storage solution for all of you design-loving vinyl collectors out there. The DICE HiFi storage system, designed by Alexandre Dubreuil for Lyon Béton, looks great, works modularly, and is acoustically efficient. Inspired by modern architecture, you can choose from two different easily stackable modules that each have an interior height of 12-inches. With two or three of them you can create a new system for your HiFi, a turntable, and 200+ records, and as your collection grows you can simply add more modules.

The concrete used to make each DICE module, and rubber connectors used to stabilize and absorb vibrations, make for a nice balance between hard and soft sound that instantly upgrades your HiFi’s acoustics.

Make your DICE storage system custom, and able to take on a larger number of LPs, by combining the modules with other materials like glass and wood. There are also plenty of other clever uses for the cubes: bedside table, sideboard, bookcase, room divider, and so much more.