The Brave New World of Design on @designmilk IGTV: 4/21 Schedule of Events

Join us for a day of design talks on Tuesday, April 21, 2020 on @designmilk IGTV called “The Brave New World of Design”. Turn in to hear from experts in every aspect of design, architecture, creativity and business to talk about hw life might be different after COVID-19.

Check out the lineup of amazing speakers below! Tune in to @designmilk IGTV at 11 AM Eastern Time on 4/21 to watch + listen! We want this to be a continued conversation and an open dialogue, so please share your thoughts in the comments for each video.

11 AM ET – Spaces + Places

How will we reimagine the built environment after COVID-19? – Cheryl Durst, IIDA Executive Vice President and CEO

Restaurant revolution: what to expect from the “new normal” – William Duff, Founder Managing Principal, William Duff Architects

Designing spaces that connect, sustain and inspire – Sandy Tripp, Principal, Managing Director, Huntsman

Rethinking the office – Brian Wilson, Founder, Pair

Redesigning public spaces: the individual + the collective – Dong-Ping Wong, Founding Director, Food New York

Neurodiversity and how buildings impact people – Julian Sharpe, Principal, TP Bennett and Jennifer Treter, Principal, Hendrick

The architecture of optimism: supporting the human experience – Jordan Goldstein, Principal Global Director of Design, Gensler

Food storage and security: Will kitchen design change after COVID-19? – Susan Serra, Certified Kitchen Designer, Susan Serra Associates

Is flexible space the future of architecture? – Brent McClure AIA, Principal, CAW Architects

12 PM ET – Working from Home (WFH)

Ergonomics tips for working from home – Brooke Fenn, Ergonomist, Humanscale

WFH and why we need smaller homes – Max Strang FAIA, Founding Principal and Partner, STRANG

Working from home tips for teams – Matthew LoPresto, Design Director, IA Interior Architects

Financial Tips for Small Businesses During COVID-19 – Ami Kassar, CEO / Founder MultiFunding

1 PM ET – Business + Strategy

Pivoting business in a time of crisis – Ellen Bennett, Founder / CEO, Hedley Bennett

Sustaining business in the coronavirus climate – Julia Noran Johnston, Founder and President, Business of Home

Resources to apply systems and futures thinking to your company – Joseph White, Director Workplace Strategy, Design, Management, Herman Miller

How might sustainability in design change in the future? – Susan Lyons, President, Designtex

2 PM ET – Education + Organization

Creating and building a business support network – Lora Appleton, CEO / Founder, Female Design Council

Be a part of the conversation – Randy Fiser, CEO, ASID

Educational transformations—innovative distance learning – Rosanne Somerson, President, Rhode Island School of Design

3 PM ET – Community + Connection

Community, connectivity, and coronavirus – Drew Lang, Principal, LANG Architecture and Brick Wonder

Focusing on the work: thoughts on workplace design – David Galullo, CEO / Chief Creative Officer, Rapt Studio

Supporting and empowering your team and thoughts on the future – Zach Elkin, General Manager, Signature Kitchen Suite

The power of presence: how work might change – Lisa Picard, President and CEO, EQ Office

4 PM ET – Making + Selling

To hustle or not to hustle: is that the question? – Mitch Goldstein, Associate Professor, College of Art Design, Rochester Institute of Technology

It’s time to take a closer look at manufacturing – Gregg Buchbinder, CEO, Emeco

How AR/VR will change the art and design world – Sebastian Errazuriz, Founder, / Sebastian Errazuriz Studio

Will we rethink retail after COVID-19? – John Edelman, Founder, John Edelman Consulting

Special thanks to Christie Boyle + shoutout to Rebecca Brodsky for helping make this program a reality. A heartfelt thanks to all of our speakers who contributed videos.