The DoñaPakyta Collection of Outdoor Chairs

Designer Carlos Jiménez, from Almería, Spain, created the DoñaPakyta Collection of outdoor chairs for Spanish firm Alutec. “I thought about those summer nights in south Spain and the idea of cane chairs placed by the doors of the houses in the villages came to my mind. From that point, I found inspiration in the small villages around Cabo de Gata in Almería, where I’m from,” he shared.

As Jiménez mentioned, the rounded shape and construction of the chair are both inspired by old cane chairs, but in a more modern way and from a new perspective that can be easily produced using aluminum.

The name DoñaPakyta – Ms. Pakyta in English – comes from the name of the woman who fought to preserve the natural park of Cabo de Gata when it was about to be destroyed to make way for urban developments. Thanks to her work, Cabo de Gata can be enjoyed for generations to come.