The Inverted Gravity Collection Defies Physics

Mathieu Lehanneur’s Inverted Gravity Collection was unveiled earlier this year during Art Basel. Through this innovative, poetic, floating furniture collection, Lehanneur has drawn inspiration from the International Space Station (ISS) and executed the result in a most stunning fashion.

I have dreamed of a world without gravity, like a floating state where the notions of heavy and light have no more meanings.

The Inverted Gravity Collection seems to almost reinvent physics through its technical and aesthetic feats, craftsmanship, and incredible technology. The sideboard, dining table, console, side table, and bench aim for a sensation of levity here on Earth. Each piece is constructed of little more than blocks of marble and onyx placed on bubbles of blown glass showing off their strength and resistance, in fact each glass bubble is able to support more than 250kg! Fragility is indeed an illusion.