The Lily Series Is Flexible and Friendly

Designed for Skagerak by Bjarke Ingels Group, aka BIG, the Lily series of furniture takes on the gentle form of its namesake to create a group of contemporary pieces that are both friendly and versatile. Pieces can be combined as you like, whether it’s a dining table with chairs and a bench, lounge furniture, or even a bench as a coffee table.

Use the Lily series outdoors or indoors, the pieces have been designed for the flexible and pragmatic times we currently live in. Put it on the patio for entertaining, then move it inside to the living room – there is no single answer.

Its combination of a light stainless steel X-frame with heavy golden teak makes the Lily series an easy addition to most modern styles. The beautiful untreated teak will turn into a silver-grey color that complements the steel over time. Its tailored cushions are upholstered in an extremely weather-resistant outdoor textile. The Lily series launches in March 2020.