The Modular Pink Collection Celebrates the Bauhaus

In 2018, Sarit Shani Hay caught our eye with her dream-worthy kindergarten and daycare complex in Tel Aviv. But the designer does far more than interiors. She designs furniture as well and the playful and delightfully quirky nature of her aesthetic carries through to her smaller scale designs, like The Pink Collection – A Tribute to Bauhaus.

The series gives nod to the lively Bauhaus movement, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, with playful geometric shapes, clean lines, and bold uses of color, mostly in shades of pink. The handmade, asymmetrical rug balances color blocking with a grid pattern for an energetic look. The modular sofa system can be arranged into a variety of compositions to create a playful setup that can include the rest of the components, including storage pieces, a vanity, and a stuffed alligator.

Photos by Roni Cnaani.