The Modular Ways of the Molo Collection

The Molo Collection, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for Kettal, is a pure example of modular outdoor furniture using rectangular shapes. Basically, it can be adapted to just about any situation or space for optimal use. The minimal aesthetic and intentionally oversized modules of Molo limit any details that might visually detract from the large swathes of color and fabric.

“Molo, or pier in English, jetée in French and embarcadero in Spanish, is a structure built on the shores of an ocean, sea, lake, or river which extends from the land over the water; a mooring place for boats, a rest between trips and a refuge from the swell of the waves. A return to terra firma and people. Molo by Kettal offers a place of relaxation and reconnection.,” said Dordoni.

Manufactured in aluminum, teak, concrete, and terrain fabrics, the Molo Collection is made up of sofas, a deck chair, and a center table.