XLIBRIS: A Multifunctional Desk and Shelf That Take After Origami

The family-owned company Sibast Furniture, known for their style of Danish Modern, are continuing to work with artist Kasper Eistrup to extend the multifunctional furniture series XLIBRIS. The series elegantly combines two items of utility – a wall-mounted desk and shelf – in a classic, light style, making them fit right at home with a wide variety of interiors.

Kasper Eistrup initially started XLIBRIS as a personal project arising from his need for a workplace shelf that doesn’t look like a typical shelf bracket. The resulting wall-mounted, self-supporting shelf and matching desk have an ultra-slim silhouette that takes after the style of Japanese origami art.

The design uses 45-degree lines from the side of the shelf to the front edge of the board.

I have a predilection for utility and for accomplished craftsmanship, and XLIBRIS is notably the embodiment of simplicity and meets a genuine need. It has a sharply angled shelf and an accompanying wall-mounted desk, which can be used either together as a set or, singly, as a shelf and a small, compact workstation. Both pieces have huge potential and represent furniture that rises up to provide functionality in a minimum of space. This makes both the shelf and the wall-mounted desk well-suited for small dorm rooms as well as flats and houses.

– From Kastrup Eistrup

XLIBRIS is made of oak and comes in an oiled or smoked finish.